Essick Auction Service, LLC is a full service auction company for all your auction needs including but not limited to:

Real Estate Auctions

Providing exclusive focus on your property & showcasing it throughout the marketplace to qualified prospects is a catalyst for drawing in potential buyers. By specifying the date and time you intend to sell you create a sense of urgency in the buyers, coupled with the competitive bidding process selling real estate at auction is a speedy & effective way of obtaining the genuine value of your real estate.

Personal Property / Estate / Firearms / Vehicle Auctions

Don't feel overwhelmed by large amounts of items to go through. Essick Auction can handle all of your personal property & estate auction needs. Providing a full service auction including; listing & photographing your property, targeted advertising, strategic set up and a professional auction day experience. Our team handles it all!

Farm Equipment / Livestock Auctions

Using the auction method of disbursing farm land and equipment has proven successful in Southwest Missouri. Dusty Essick himself along with staff have been raised on farms and currently farm locally in Southwest Missouri. Knowing the market for your farm land, farm equipment and livestock allows Essick Auction Service to use focused advertising bringing competitive bidders and top dollar at your farm auction.

Antiques / Collectibles / Firearms

Southwest Missouri is a leading area for antique and gun collectors. Essick Auction uses targeted marketing to these local collectors and interested buyers to ensure a successful auction bringing top dollar for your items through competitive bidding.

Business Liquidation Auctions

Business liquidation auctions are all about earning back as much money as possible before the company is dissolved or resold. Auctions can be an excellent way to get top dollar for all assets, and businesses can sell everything from office furniture to land assets during auctions. The bidding process creates market value conditions, which can be the best way to maximize the amount of liquid assets before finalizing any closure. Overall, business liquidation auctions are fast, effective and very profitable.

Industrial Equipment Auctions

Finding buyers for your equipment can prove challenging. Let us use focused advertising to highlight your industrial equipment to competitive buyers and make your auction day a success!